You are so talented and I am so proud to be considered a friend of yours. You are like a brother to me......
Very nice playing! I had never heard of a harp-guitarist! I'm impressed!
sounds awesome! Hope to see you perform.
Music must be dreamt of in the soul, felt in the heart and generated by the spirit. Robust and filled with timeless character! One shouldn't underestimate your capabilities.. many music scores and healing songs of meditation could be possible avenues to quench the thirst of your listeners.
Hello from Sweden!Have a nice day my friend! Gun
You have always been amazing whether or not the world is watching... But it's nice to see them finally open their eyes.
Let me know when you're playing Tacoma please
Hi Tim!! Wow man! Awesome site! See you soon...
What a long way you have come since playing in the basement with Randy, wow how we progress. You musical talent is impressive to say the least, keep up the great work. Rick
I can't imagine that this is the boy that played with my brothet many, many years ago. My how we progress! What a great musician you turned out to be Tim. Keep up the grwat work and I admire your free spirit. Peace Rick
My son Jesse and I enjoyed your skill and music tonight at Metronome. Good meeting you. Marc
Hi Tim, Looking for current contact information for you. Cheers and Happy 2012!!
Hi Tim! You were my guitar teacher for a few years back at Mills Music in Poulsbo...I am thinking it was from 2003-2005. I was in a discussion with someone about MxPx and it reminded me of you. Hope you are doing good, glad to see you are still making music. You are a very gifted musician and I miss getting to hear you play every week! -Anne
Hi Tim! You were my guitar teacher for a few years back at Mills Music in Poulsbo...I am thinking it was from 2003-2005. I was in a discussion with someone about MxPx and it reminded me of you. Hope you are doing good, glad to see you are still making music. You are a very gifted musician and I miss getting to hear you play every week! -Anne
Just listening to what you have on this site, nice peaceful music to wake up by. Thanks Missed you last night, I was at the benefit but had to leave early. See you at Chet's
I always new you were going to make it big! Such a talented musician!
it's been about 20 years since I last heard you play ,same great player same great sound LOL ,Kane and family Owatonna ,Minnesota
Por Favor gostaria de adquirir o mthode pour la décacorde de Ferdinando Carulli opus 293.
Been a long time since I heard the sounds of Mr. Bertsch. You never let me down with your talent and many hours you put forth to learn an instrument that I hold dear to my own heart. You Rock Brother...
Aloha Tim... I love this music! This is awesome...hope Life is treating you well.. Life is good for me and Russ, we live on the Big Island of Hawaii and love Life Drop me a line when you get time, we would love to hear from you Peace dawn
Hey Tim. Just checking up on your website you told me about at the AM-PM the other day. VERY nice. Would like to see you at play more. :)
Just checking out your web site. Kool!
dere tim cant whate to see you after disney land you rock matthew
Mr. Tim Man, Thanks for being an awesome guitar teacher. See you we I get home from Disneyland. Matthew
Very much enjoyed my first guitar lesson with you. You're amazing!
Hi Tim. Nice sounds! Class of 88. Jon
just got off the phone with ya settin up some lessons for me and the kid. i am lovin that harp guitar. sounds really cool. cant wait to meet ya.
Setting her with Christopher, my grandson and his guitar. And the beat goes on... He is wanting to learn how to play the guitar and I fetched up your site to give him inspiration. Seems that so many have the call but so many fail to meet the commitment. With luck, and perseverance, he will some day meet his expectations.
Tim - it was a sheer pleasure to be the Emcee for your set at Northwest Folklife Festival in Seattle. I was mesmerized by the arrangements, and the stories behind them. Thanks for sharing with Seattle. Bruce
Hi Tim, havent heard from you in awhile.. I see you still kicking butt playing. I gave your card to a friend of mine that wants to have her grandson take some lessons.. I told her you were the best around.. Regards, Brian Moore
Found a few pages and photo's of an Oregon logger with a harp-guitar circa 1900. Thought of you straight away. I will try to mail them to you next week. Leon
Your site pleased me, will more frequent call
good site. it was very interestingly to wande
Hello! Such good site! Offensively, whatever I knew about him before
Gday from Victoria had a blast at French Beach hope you had a blast too love the files you sent James listening to them now Say hi to your bro for me too take care Mark
hi remember me french beach labour day long weekend. i just checked out your site awesome sound looking forward to hereing more
Dear Tim; You are not only a gifted musician, you are a wonderful husband & Daddy. I am so proud of you. If heaven had a way for Granny & Grandpa to see & hear you, they would be out of control with proudness (don't think that is a real word, but who cares:)"
Hi: Grandma & I were just looking up names and came upon your website. I was going to e-mail you later and ask for some information about you, Nia & Miles. I am trying to update my records. I will also e-mail Greg and get their info. We're all fine and hope you are the same. Will write later. Take care. Love Aunt Joan & Grandma
Finally!!! My Prayers are answered!!! To see this is beyond comparison. When I make it back up to the NW I must hear you LIVE. I always hope that all aspects of your life are successful. I LOVE it Dude. Keep the Peace. Kurt
Great show today, Tim! Maddy went down like a rock - Miles ran her ragged. See you soon. Brian and Hillary
Mom loves her baby boy, Love you mom
Glad to see its up & running !!! Good luck with all your endeavors.
Cool! My boss loves your web site! We listen to it all day! Love, Your friends at Paccar
Hey Man!!! How's it going? The site looks awesome. Thanks for the disc. It's the shit!!!
Very cool Tim. how you can do it all with the family is Amazing!

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